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14th Workshop Japan 2020 (canceled)

Japan 2020

Workshop: Hokkaido, 29 May-5 June 2020

Pre-workshop excursion: Asama, 26-29 May 2020


— 19th October 2020 —
Dear CCVG colleagues,

In previous weeks, the Local Organizing Committee of the CCVG workshop in Japan has informed us about the decision of cancelling this event, which, after initial postponement, was planned to take place in Hokkaido in June 2021. The decision is now transmitted to you after details of the refund could be sorted out by the LOC.

This difficult decision is obviously a consequence of the uncertainty caused by the ongoing pandemic and the need to attend strict deadlines for local logistics and funding of a few fellowships. The current board of CCVG has evidenced how much effort was done by the LOC in organizing this workshop, for which we are very thankful, and understand the circumstances that led to this decision.

In view of this situation, we are considering alternatives for the next workshop and will inform the CCVG community when more solid information is available.

Regarding refund of the Japan-workshop fees, the LOC will contact each participant in the course of the next days for arranging the payment.

Best regards,
CCVG Board


On behalf of Commission on the Chemistry of Volcanic Gases (CCVG) of the International Association of Volcanology and Chemistry of the Earth’s Interior (IAVCEI), we are delighted to invite the international geochemical community working on volcanic gases to participate the 14th CCVG Workshop in Hokkaido, Japan, from 29 May to 5 June 2020.

Main aims of the workshop are to share and discuss recent developments in observation techniques, results, and interpretations of volcanic gas studies. Three core activities of the workshop will be composition and flux measurements using direct sampling and remote sensing techniques inactive vents, plume, and soil emissions. The workshop will include two days of scientific presentations and discussions followed by three days of field observations. Measurements will be carried out at Usu, Tarumae, and Tokachi volcanoes.  

Pre-workshop observations, mainly devoted to plume measurements using remote sensing techniques, will be offered as an option and will take place at Asama volcano in Central Japan from 26 to 29 May 2020. The excursion includes one day of field work at the volcano and one spare day in case of bad weather conditions

For further informations regading the workshop see the 1st2nd and 3rd circular.